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Kindred Spirits veterinary hospital

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We offer preventative medicine, dentistry services, as well as surgical and radiological services to help keep your pet healthy throughout its life.

Kindred Spirits

Preventative Medicine

At Kindred Spirits, we encourage regular examinations and will communicate thoroughly with you to tailor the use of vaccinations, bloodwork, supplements and medications to optimize your pet’s health through all their life stages.

Kindred Spirits


We provide routine ovariohysterectomies (spays), neuters, mass removals, and abdominal surgeries, all performed with gas anaesthesia and thorough monitoring for your pet’s safety and comfort.

Kindred Spirits


Dental care is an important part of patient health. We provide complete oral health examinations, dental cleaning, scaling, extraction and surgery. Our dental suite is equipped with radiology, gas anaesthesia and full anaesthetic monitoring equipment to ensure safe and painless care for our patients.

Kindred Spirits

Radiology and Ultrasound

Diagnostic imaging through radiology and ultrasound are both available on-site at Kindred Spirits, with access to Board Certified Radiologists, both in person and remotely to ensure expert interpretation of diagnostic images.